We’re thrilled to announce ThinkShare’s inclusion on the Crown Commercial Service, Digital Outcomes, and Specialists 5 (DOS5) framework.

This means that as of the first of February, ThinkShare can continue to deliver and further expand the Digital Transformation projects we offer organisations within the vital Public Sector. With the ability to now offer the below lots –

• Lot 1, Digital Outcomes – ThinkShare will provide teams to research, test, design, build, release, iterate, support, or retire a digital service.

What is the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework (DOS5)?

This procurement framework was designed to empower those within the public sector to find the appropriate specialist to enable them to purchase, create, design, and deliver successful digital outcomes. It is available to all public sector organisations across the UK, you can find out more here.

Suppliers on the framework are held to the highest standard in the provision of digital services. This ensures that public sector organisations can purchase digital services with confidence. We will make our full range of services available to those within the industry including SharePoint deployments and migrations, the Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Business Voice, Data Management and Governance, and Dynamics 365.

ThinkShare have been proud to support our partners in the public sector as they embark on their digital transformation journey. We are proud to have worked with local and national governments, enterprise agencies, and those dedicated to delivering change and improving the lives of the public. You can explore our service offering here, or learn more about the support we provide our clients in our Insight articles here.