Intranet Design

We pride ourselves in our ability to design a single source of company information that not only boosts productivity, and inspires collaboration, but also maintains security and compliance.

All on a system your people will actually want to use

Designing Intranets – The Process

We have worked with businesses across diverse sectors, and whilst each project is different, each project begins the same way; with a desire to understand the challenges that not only you business is facing, but also the challenges your people are facing.

From there, our team of experts work to align the business goals with the needs of your people and design a highly personalised, engaging intranet, delivered on time, under budget.

SharePoint Design

Our team of experts work to reinvent your intranet, creating solutions designed for collaboration, communication, knowledge management, and of course, engagement. We utilise your branding to create a beautiful, fast sites and pages that look great on any device or screen.

Below are some examples of what your out-the-box SharePoint Intranet could look like.

Please note that these examples are from the Microsoft Lookbook, we showcase them to preserve the privacy of our clients whilst still providing an idea of the different site types, style, and layout of a modern out-the-box SharePoint Intranet.


The Perspective

News, video, personalized content

BENEFITS News, resources, actions

The Benefits

News, resources, action

SharePoint Design THE LANDING News, resources, personalized content
The Landing

News, resources, personalised content

New Employee Team Onboarding Site

Connect new employees with the department or region they work for

Workshop Training Site

Informative and action-oriented

SharePoint Design - Leadership Connection
Leadership Connection

Leadership news, events, engagement

Valo Intranet Design

Valo Intranets combine all the features you need to take your digital workplace to the next level. Built on top of Microsoft’s Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams, it adds a layer of rich design functionality, to the tools your people use everyday .

Our team of experts work closely with your people to understand if Valo would add value to your team. They understand the vital role of the intranet in employee engagement, and that one of the key elements of improved adoption is having an intranet, that is easy to use and aesthetically appealing.

We have included some images of Valo Intranets below, but we do not believe they do the solution justice,
rather we recommend scheduling a demo with one of our experts here, to see it in action.

Award-winning Valo staff intranet increases employee engagement and transparency

Built for modern SharePoint
Accessed through Microsoft Teams



Connect and engage your people, working remotely or together

Access from any device, anywhere
Accessible for everyone

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