Valo – Engaging Intranet Design

Your intranet should inspire your employees with Valo your intranet will.

An industry-leading tool that empowers rich design, built with the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint.

Going beyond Out-Of-The-Box, Valo offers personalisation, customisation and the freedom to design a communication platform your employees will want to use.

Create a beautiful intranet.

Design options within SharePoint are limited, meaning your intranet can end up feeling a little uninspiring. ThinkShare have partnered with Valo to enable the creation of more engaging designs, designs that will bring your intranet to life.

Valo have been providing intranet solutions for over 10 years for over 600 customers globally. Their solution builds upon the trusted functionailty of SharePoint, with opportunities for rich customisations and branding opportunities that engage your employees.

Together with our extensive experience, we can provide you with an innovative and attractive intranet product which will energise your workforce and allow you to engage positively with your employees.

Why Valo?

Examples of Valo intranets.

valo intranet example
valo intranet example

Valo Additional Intranet features.

In addition to the trusted SharePoint functionality, Valo’s digital workplace solutions come with additional features which can help your organisation and business improve efficiencies and enhance communications.

  • Important Messages
    Make your message stand out with the news alert pop up on your intranet.

  • Search
    Locate relevant and essential information easily and quickly.

  • Quick Links
    Navigate quickly to promoted content via the Intranet front page shortcuts.

  • FAQ
    Valo FAQ includes a dynamic, user-friendly UI and question categories. You can create dedicated your own FAQs as needed.

  • News Publishing
    You can target news by groups and engage people with comments, likes and imagery.

  • Page Templates
    Valo offer intuitive page templates which have everything you need in place, so you just need to focus on the content.

  • Event Hub
    A central place to keep track of all your upcoming internal events, conferences or recurring webinars.

  • Polls
    The ability to publish and analyse quick polls, allowing you to get insight from your workforce.

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