Viva Insights.

Utilise Microsoft Viva and share knowledge through Viva Insights.

Encourage employee productivity and wellbeing experiences in the flow of work.

Viva Insights a module of Viva is there to look after the wellbeing of your employees within the flow of work. Employees should feel supported and enable to create healthy work habits.

Build healthy work habits to improve employee wellbeing.

Insights reminds you to be mindful of your mental well-being in the work environment. Throughout the day, you can reflect on your mood, take breaks, and use Headspace guided meditations to reduce stress, increase focus and prepare for presentations.

The virtual commute function offers tools to maintain a good work-life balance – increasingly relevant with the rise of hybrid working. Users are prompted to assign ongoing work to a task list for the next day. Focus time improves productivity by allowing you to schedule time to work undisturbed. With Viva Insights, collaborative working is also promoted. You can show appreciation by sending praise to colleagues privately or on the main Teams channel.

These insights are completely private, but managers receive an anonymised overview with suggestions to improve the employee experience. Using Viva Insights helps create a company culture that values employee happiness and satisfaction.

Personal Insights

Employees can gain personalised recommendations on how to improve your work and well-being. If work starts to get too much, you cannot work to your best. Take mindful breaks to help you refocus on your work.

During your flow of work you can gain actionable recommendations insights on your work patterns. These recommendations are to help your employees work to the best of their ability and increase productivity.

Leader and Advanced Insights

Viva Insights allows for managers to gain a better understanding of their teams working patterns. Leaders can learn how much afterhours work their teams are doing so they can prevent burnout.

Business leaders can also review the number of meeting taking place in a week and to what extent they are effective. They can also protect their teams time to ensure work can be completed.

Privacy for design

These insights generated are very personal to the individuals so privacy and security is vital. Only the individual employee can view their individual work patterns, meetings etc. .

Managers and leaders can only view an overview of their teams time but not an individuals patterns; de-identification.


Introduction into Microsoft Viva Insights

Care for your employee wellbeing through Microsoft Viva Insights.

Want to improve productivity and help aid employee wellbeing. Concerned about employee burnout, Viva Insights can help.

ThinkShare’s certified consultants can quickly and simply configure Microsoft Insights for your business as well as provide training and guidance on how to maximise the platform.

To learn more, to discuss the implementation of Insights or receive a free demo, please contact our team today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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