Viva Goals.

Viva Goals works to align your employees with your business’s strategic priorities. Uniting your people around a shared mission, and a shared purpose.

It provides your functional teams with clarity around how their work makes an impact on the business’s priorities and strategic objectives, driving employee engagement.

Microsoft Teams

Brings purpose and alignment to your employee experience with Viva Goals.

Microsoft created Viva to tackle modern workplace changes. They wanted to create an employee experience platform that would bring together communications, knowledge, learning, and insights about the flow of our employee’s work. The platform is currently comprised of Viva Learning, Viva Insights, Viva Topics, and Viva Connections. All of which work to improve our employee’s experience, knowledge, mental well-being, organise content and facilitate access to experts, and encourage employees to engage and work productively.

Viva Goals is one of the new additions to the platform, and is now generally available to the public. Viva Goals was designed for business goal setting and management. Following Microsoft’s recent acquisition of,2 a leading objectives and key results (OKR) company, Viva Goals was created to bring purpose and alignment to Viva customers.

It provides your functional teams with clarity around how their work makes an impact on the business’s priorities and strategic objectives. With a clearer alignment in place, your people can focus on their own workload and make their own decisions about their priorities that will drive real business results. In addition, it brings goals into the flow of everyday work. Making it easier for your people to connect with data, receive automatic reminders about deadlines, and meetings, and update progress across the organisation via customisable dashboards and quick links.

Viva Goals ensures that your objectives and key results no longer exist in a separate silo from your employee’s experience and where they do the bulk of their work.

With clarity around business and team goals, employees are empowered to think, collaborate, and act at both the team and individual levels. With entire teams and departments working towards clear personal and shared goals, everyday work moves the business forward in a more agile way. It is this connection and visibility to the bigger picture that we are most excited about. It enables flexibility around everyday work and provides purpose to employees.

Knowing why you show up every day and getting to work collaboratively with others, all whilst understanding that the work you do is vital to the progress of your business will have a massive boost on morale and enhance the employee experience.

Viva Goals is generall available. To understand how your business could benefit from stronger alignment between your people and your priorities, book a call with one of our Microsoft 365 Consultants.

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