Microsoft Power Platform

The Power Platform is a suite of tools that empowers users to easily create mobile or web applications and automate processes without using complex code.

What’s more, it reduces application development cost by 74%. ThinkShare can deploy, implement, and train your team to use this platform and drive your innovation.

How Power Platform helps your organisation achieve more.

Every day, your business generates vast amounts of data. However, its usefulness to your organisation depends on your ability to interpret its value and act upon the insight it provides. Microsoft understood this, leading to the creation of the Power Platform. This product enables ordinary users to create apps or customise Office 365, automating processes or streamlining data management, equipping you with data your business can act on.

Our team can build custom solutions that advance your business, and we offer consultancy and training to use this toolset. Furthermore, Power Platform integrates with hybrid work innovations like Microsoft Teams allowing you to increase productivity and harness intelligence within your organisation, all while meeting the needs of the ever-evolving work culture.

Microsoft Power Platform.

Explore what’s possible for your organisation with these tools that anyone can learn and use to automate and transform business processes:

Power bi thinkshare

Power BI – Make better decisions with improved data analysis.

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence tool that can be used to unlock insight from your corporate data in real-time. Use it to connect to data sources, analyse them, and produce and share live dashboards and interactive reports. Whether your data is spread across Office 365 or another service, Power BI collates all data regardless of where it lives, offering you a consolidated view of it all.

This empowers businesses to interpret their data with ease via clear dashboards, charts, and other visuals. In addition, user-friendly features like the simple interface allow you to tap into data wherever it exists, or you can use ‘natural language queries’ to surface insights quickly e.g., “show total sales by customer name.”

Power Apps – Allow ordinary users to turn ideas into reality.

PowerApps is an application development platform that transforms how a business uses technology. It allows you to build custom low-code apps that pull insight from your existing data and systems, empowering faster problem-solving. There is also no need for any coding expertise: utilise the convenient templates, custom codes, and drag and drop functionality to build effective apps that work across multiple operating systems and are mobile-friendly.

By making app development more accessible, IT teams are freed up to focus on other important tasks. What’s more, Power Apps can incorporate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To see how ThinkShare empowers businesses with Power Apps, learn about how we utilised it to help CalMac Ferries.

Power Automate – Empower users to save time and be more productive.

This service enables you to design workflows that integrate and automate business processes by connecting them across Office 365 services or other applications. This safeguards operations by ensuring every step of a process is followed accurately. You can deploy simple automations for common business practices or others for advanced scenarios, all with no prior coding experience required.

The drag-and-drop interface along with convenient templates makes the automation process very user-friendly. Convenient features like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) reduce the user-time spent performing repetitive mundane tasks, meaning users have more time to spend on other key tasks. Overall, automation speeds up businesses by lowering the chances of mistakes and increasing productivity.

Power Virtual Agents – Build your own assistance.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents allows you to build and customise intelligent chatbots that can be integrated into your website or across Office 365 services. These bots can be automated to answer questions posed by your customers, website visitors or employees etc. They can also track information and monitor performance using artificial intelligence and data-driven insights.

Power Virtual Agents is available as a discrete app in Microsoft Teams or as a standalone web app. While their functionality is similar, there are minor differences to consider based on your organisation’s needs. Here are some examples of the ways that Power Virtual Agents bots have been used:

• Employee FAQs for businesses

• Opening hours and store information

• Technical support issues

• COVID-19 tracking information

What could it achieve for your business?

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