Involv – Boosting communication and unifying workforces.

Your intranet should connect and engage your employees, enhance your
corporate culture and help everyone to become more productive.
Involv is one of the top intranet products worldwide.
Involv offers a simple solution at a very good price-point for those businesses that may not have the time or budget for SharePoint configuration.
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Unify your workforce and boosting communication with a new intranet and Mobile Experience.

Join over 100 happy customers worldwide utilising Involv as their intranet product of choice.

“Involv Intranet is an attractive SharePoint based intranet that has broad functionality and can be suitably customised for business needs. The industry experience is clear in this simple and user-friendly SharePoint intranet in-a-box product. Involv uses Microsoft’s features, particularly SharePoint lists, very well and it fills some of the gaps in functionality that we still see in Microsoft’s platform…”
ClearBox, 2022 Intranet & Employee Experience Platforms independent guide.

Features of an Involv Intranet.

In addition to the trusted Microsoft and SharePoint functionality, Involv’s product comes with advanced features to offer you more from your intranet solutions and encourage adoption of the new intranet. The below features are from the Enterprise version of Involv.

  • Navigation Styling and Mega Menu Gain more ownership over the navigation styling and increase number of links created in a mega menu.
  • Premium Designs and Custom CSS
    With Involv you gain greater design control with premium design styling and you can even add your own CSS.
  • Quick Links
    Navigate quickly to your personalised content and apps you access regularly.

  • Mobile App
    Create your own intranet app included in the cost. You can even set the app icon as your own logo.
  • Advanced Components
    Sandwich Shop, IT Ticketing, Expenses and Knowledge Sharing can all be added increasing the value of the intranet

  • Integration with Office 365 apps 
    Involv allows for integration with key Office 365 products within your intranet including Outlook, Planner and ToDo.

An Inolv intranet can offer your business including:
  • All the best-in-class features while enhancing the office 365 experience
  • A fully integrated experience with Office 365, SharePoint and Teams
  • A product which has an intuitive design that looks great on any device
  • A solution which is easy to deploy and manage, meaning less work for the IT team
  • Has a mobile intranet app that is fully brandable
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