Omnia – Drive Productivity and Employee Engagement

Your intranet should inspire your employees, encourage collaboration and productivity as well as be secure. Omnia provides all of this.
An industry-leading tool that empowers advanced customisation, responsive layouts and governance control all built with alongside the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint.
Going beyond Out-Of-The-Box, Omnia offers personalisation, customisation and the freedom to design a communication platform your employees enjoy using.
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Your intranet with Customisation, Governance and Mobile Experience Built In.

Does your intranet drive productivity and employee engagement? Why not?

Omnia Intranet provides tools for targeted internal communication, streamlined collaboration, and governance that will support you in delivering a great user experience on all devices including a mobile app.

Omni as an intranet product is 6 years old and already has been deployed to 250 customers, with over 750,000 end users around the world.

It is built alongside a SharePoint Intranet and offers additional customisation and features on top of an Out of the Box SharePoint intranet.

“Omnia Intranet is a highly flexible product that delivers an attractive and fully featured intranet with a great end-user experience… The extensive control admins have control over makes Omnia one of the most flexible products while still conforming to Microsoft standards.”
ClearBox, 2022 Intranet & Employee Experience Platforms independent guide.

Features of an Omnia Intranet.

In addition to the trusted SharePoint functionality, Omnia’s solutions come with additional features which can help your organisation increase governance control, design for all devices, encourage collaboration and increase adoption of the new intranet.

  • Enhanced Search and Navigation Locate relevant and essential information easily and quickly.

  • My Links
    Navigate quickly to personalised promoted content you need to access regularly.
  • Responsive Page Layouts
    Create pages which can be responsive to a variety of screen sizes so all employees can view content easily.
  • Mobile Friendly
    As well as Responsive Page Layout options, there is also a mobile app available in Android and iOS.
  • Gamification
    Gamification on content. You can encourage engagement with content by allowing users to “like” and comment on news articles.
  • Integration with Office 365 apps 
    Omnia allows for integration with key Office 365 products within your intranet.

You want an intranet which:
  • Employees want to use
  • Is accessible across all devices
  • Is secure
  • Offers flexibility in design and functionality
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Can be extended through integrations and APIs
Omnia does all this and more.
Contact us today to arrange a demo of Omnia and to discover what it can offer your business.

Create an inspiring, engaging intranet platform with Omnia.

Whether you are at the start of your intranet journey or think it’s time to improve your current solution, we can help.

With Omnia you can utilise the extensive functionality while still conforming to the standards and accessibility available through SharePoint. Our team have been working with Microsoft SharePoint since it’s inception and have worked with every version since. No matter your challenges, requirements or support our team can build your ideal solution.

ThinkShare’s experts know this platform inside and out and can provide a full range of tailored services based on your needs. We pride ourselves on our customer experience and are only ever a call away should you need future guidance or training.

To learn about why your business should use SharePoint, receive a free demo, or discuss your project need, please contact our team today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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