SharePoint Governance Capabilities

Sharepoint is a brilliant tool which enables collaboration, increases productivity and raises efficiency. However it has risks and needs set up with correct governance and structure to make it work for your employees but is also secure to protect against data risks and security concerns.
This page will help outline the opportunities SharePoint Governance can offer your business and how ThinkShare can help your business gain stronger Governance control.
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Why does SharePoint Governance matter?

SharePoint is a platform which exists as both an intranet site and as a collaboration tool. Organisations utilise SharePoint for a variety of reasons but don’t always utilise the Governance opportunities or set up the solution in a way to maximise all the solution can offer.

Governance is the set of policies, responsibilities and processes that control how your organisation’s business teams and IT department works together to achieve its goals. Microsoft recommend a governance first approach however a number of business haven’t had this approach. The pandemic had a need to create opportunities for collaboration and worry about security and governance later. Now is the time to take stock of your usage of the platform and to improve what actions you should be taking going forward.

Governance Plan.

There is no one size fits all organisation but there are key elements each plan should include in order to ensure your SharePoint solution is secure and governed effectively. Here are some of the elements you should include:

Where to Start.

Starting a Governance Strategy can be daunting and not knowing where to start. If you are yet to set up a SharePoint site, stop! Start with governance strategy, it will make you site more successful. It isn’t the most glamorous job but it is vital to the success and effectiveness of your solution. If you are in a place where you have an established site and have challenges with lack of governance, it’s time to review where you are and clean up.

We have worked with a number of clients at various stages and varing governance needs. We are experienced in running these projects and can help you secure your data, bring in a successful governance process and clean up your sites to help them work more productively going forward.

We can help your business. Contact our team today for an honest discussion about your needs, what we can offer to help and an idea of costs.

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