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SharePoint is a brilliant tool which allows your teams to collaborate internally, but you can also share externally with relevant parties. You can share an individual document, include them in a Microsoft Team, as well as a full site. However it has to be done carefully and thought about on a strategic level..
This page will help outline the sharing opportunities SharePoint provides and how ThinkShare can help your business gain control.
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SharePoint Sharing Opportunities and Challenges.

SharePoint is a platform which exists as both an intranet site and as a collaboration tool. Many projects require collaboration with a number of external agencies and companies. SharePoint is a solution which can support and enhance projects to achieve their goals. However, external sharing needs to be conducted carefully. Who you share with, over what time period, what content and what sites are all important considerations in order to keep your content secure.

Your IT team will want to ensure the sharing capabilities is as limited as possible, but you will want to share it with your whole project team. There are a number of methods of sharing therefore you need to find the appropriate method for your business. From sharing individual documents to Teams or sites, you can be prescriptive about what you are choosing to share and how.

Methods of Sharing.

There are a number of ways SharePoint enables sharing. Each with it’s own benefits and challenges to consider. Below is a summary of these methods:

Tips for External Sharing.

There is no one size fits all but there are key considerations organisations should elements each plan should include in order to ensure your SharePoint solution is secure and governed effectively. Here are some of the elements you should include:

  • Create a Sharing Strategy
  • Store confidential information within a site where sharing is turned off

  • Remember to switch off sharing once the project is complete
  • Establish Permission Security Levels

  • Keep your sharing strategy under constant review

Where to Start.

External Sharing has wide benefits but also has security concerns. IT Admins may be concerned with sharing data with external source. However there are a number of different ways to share content but in a safe manner. For example you can permit users from a specific domain to access your SharePoint site, or approve a specific tenant. This is helpful when you are working on a project with a larger external team.

We have worked with a number of clients at various stages and varing sharing needs. We are experienced in running discovery workshops and can help you secure your data, understand what your sharing options are and the right method for your business.

We can help your business. Contact our team today for an honest discussion about your needs, what we can offer to help and an idea of costs.

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