Microsoft Power Platform.

The Power Platform turns great ideas into functional solutions.

Comprised of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages it has the tools to drive innovation, creativity, and productivity across a range of business functions.

Available as a platform or on a solution-by-solution basis, your bespoke business innovation could be more accessible and affordable than you think.

Power Platform helps your organisation achieve more.

The Microsoft Power Platform makes low-code development, workflow creation, and business intelligence tools accessible to all business users. With capabilities that empower corporate end users to build solutions for themselves as well as to make them available across the wider business. These tools have been utilised to streamline operations, reduce development costs and reliance on corporate IT, and improve business outcomes.

Our team of Microsoft Certified Consultants can utilise the platform to build custom solutions that advance your business, and we offer ongoing support and training so your people can make the most out of your licensing investment.

Furthermore, the Power Platform tools integrate with your existing Microsoft environment. Meaning you can build custom flows in Teams, build Power BI dashboards to showcase your Dynamics 365 data, and so much more.

Microsoft Power Platform.

Findings by Forrester, in their Total Economic Impact of The Power Platform report show that the majority of businesses will see a 502% ROI within three years of the solutions deployment, and that it will have paid for itself within 11 months.

Explore what’s possible for your organisation with more information of each of the tools below:

Power bi thinkshare

Power BI – Make better decisions with improved data analysis.

Power BI is a collection of self-service business intelligence tools that work to turn disparate sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, real-time insights.

Regardless of where your data is stored, or the format its stored in for example, an Excel spreadsheet or on cloud-based or on-premises hybrid data warehouses. Power BI easily connects your people to your data sources. Offers ways that mean everyone can visualise and discover what is important, then share that information in a way that everyone within your business will understand.

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Power Apps – Allow ordinary users to turn ideas into reality.

PowerApps is an application development platform that transforms how a business uses technology. It empowers the creation of custom low-code apps that pull insight from your existing data and systems, empowering faster problem-solving.

From productivity apps that empower collaboration to mission-critical solutions, businesses around the world are deploying Power Apps to automate processes, modernise legacy apps, and solve business problems at scale.

We worked with the biggest ferry operator in the UK, CalMac Ferries to build a bespoke defect management app. This solution will keep there fleet sailing smoothly for years, find out more here.

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Power Automate – Empower users to save time and be more productive.

Power Automate creates more time for what’s important. By utilising robotic process automation (RPA) and digital process automation (DPA) across your business to streamline tasks and free up your peoples most valuable resource, their time.

Contemporary automation tools are transforming the way every industry operates. From farming to the finances, deploying automated processes (and removing costly human error) has helped businesses react to market changes faster, enhance customer service, and drive efficient business operations, powered by accurate data.

In an increasingly competitive market, Power Automate offers the capabilities of RPA and DPA without you needing complex coding knowledge.

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Power Virtual Agents – Build your own assistance.

Create the extra help you need to respond to customer and employee queries with Microsoft Power Agents and ThinkShare.

Build sophisticated, AI-powered bots for a range of requests. Ranging from simple answers to common questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations.

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Power Pages – Make Authoring Easy for Everyone.

Microsoft Power Pages is a secure, enterprise-grade, low-code platform that empowers the creation, hosting, and administration of modern external-facing business websites.

Whether you have teams of professional developers or the desire to learn a new skill, our team can help you utilise Power Pages to rapidly design, configure, and publish websites that seamlessly work across web browsers and devices.

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