Welcome to your monthly round-up of all the latest features and updates from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This month saw new integrations, captions, tagging and increased sharing potential.

Outlook Integration

It’s now easier to collaborate with colleagues as you can now move the conversation to Microsoft Teams or from Teams to Outlook. This is a great addition as you can also move any attachments, so if you are sent a document but need the views of your colleagues, rather than a huge email chain and countless versions, you can get comments directly on the same document in a Teams chat.

Contact Tags

Need to send a message with a specific group of contacts within the same channel? Microsoft has rolled out tags so you can communicate with all managers, for example, by tagging them and @ messaging them within the channel chat. You can assign tags based on role type, location, project, or specialism. This could be helpful in streamlining the number of channels created and avoiding confusion.


Calling someone who is in a noisy location? You can now turn on Captions when on a call to continue the conversation more coherently. As well as being convenient for noisy locations, it is also an inclusive feature for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Currently this is only available in English, more languages will be rolled out soon.

Pinning Favourite Apps

Another nice feature is the ability to pin your favourite apps to the Teams apps bar, allowing you to customise your workspace. It’s also worth noting you can do this within specific channels and chats so that the apps are relevant to different channels you are a member of.

Microsoft SharePoint in Teams

Now rolled out to all worldwide users, you can now access, edit and view files from your SharePoint account, in Teams. You can work on a file from SharePoint, edit it inside Teams and share with your colleagues. So, if you need to do a quick update following a conversation with a colleague, there is no need to leave Teams just make the update instantly.

Microsoft has brought out a more consistent experience of sharing files, wherever they come from. The new file-sharing in Teams adheres to your existing policies but it also gives you the flexibility to share the way you want to. When sending files over teams, you can set the sharing settings on the individual file. Then once you’ve shared a file, you can set sharing reminders after seven days to help you and your colleagues stay on top of things even if you missed the original notification.

These changes come as Microsoft continues to increase the extent the Microsoft 365 suite is collaborative, efficient and allows you to streamline processes.

New Migration Tool Mover

Late last month Microsoft announced they had acquired migration specialist Mover as more and more clients are looking to move their content to the cloud. The new tool will make it even easier for you to move your files to Microsoft 365. The tool supports several cloud service providers allowing you to move multiple files from multiple locations together.

We hope this new feature breakdown was useful, and you can utilise some of the above features to improve usability and employee experience. We regularly share tips on how to make the most out of both Microsoft SharePoint and Teams on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can follow us here or you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get these tips directly in your inbox.