Our latest article covered the essentials of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. In short, this app empowers businesses to create marketing campaigns that aggregate customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can elevate your clients’ experience with the software’s powerful data-driven insights and AI, turning those relationships into revenue.

Dynamics 365 Marketing, conveniently, pushes all updates automatically to its users. However, do you know what they are? In this article, we’re excited to announce new and upcoming updates. We will summarise general enhancements, performance upgrades, and continuing improvements, that users will benefit from.

What’s New in Dynamics 365 Marketing?

As of December 2021, you can track users in marketing insights in real-time, create journey branches based on any attribute, and manage Microsoft Teams meetings from the Marketing app. There are also new fixes and general performance upgrades.

General Performance Upgrades

Real-time Marketing

For customer journeys, users can now create journey branches from any customer-associated attribute or event trigger. Additionally, branches can be created based on relative or partial dates for those related to date or time. Marketing insights have also been enhanced. Users can now benefit from the newly supported Unsubscribe interaction type. This lets you track the number of email recipients who selected the ‘preference centre’ link from real-time marketing emails and then unsubscribed. The benefit of this is you can understand the level of attention you are gaining from your emails or whether engagement is waning and it’s time to review your email strategy.

Outbound Marketing

The Dynamics 365 Marketing interface has been expanded. From here, you can now set meeting options for Microsoft Teams in the app. For events, after choosing Teams meetings as your streaming provider, you can view and edit meeting options inside Dynamics 365 Marketing (just as members would do with webinars.) The benefit of this is you can now set up meetings with key contacts directly within the Dynamics app thus creating increased efficiencies.

Continuing improvements

  • Marketing Pages: Event registration forms, within published pages, are now included in the portal. Also the error around form submissions when multi-select was used, has also been resolved.
  • Marketing Emails: Improvements have been made to the cloning of elements between columns. Also an issue where content wasn’t appearing when loading HTML into the email editor, has been fixed.
  • Customer Journeys: The drag and drop functionality has been improved in the customer journey designer and is now performing as it should.
  • Event Management: Event management upgrade packages are now available to users. The Microsoft Teams webinar settings issues which caused them to migrate between webinars and meetings has been resolved.

What’s Upcoming in Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Analytics and AI

In 2022, you will be able to measure journey success with newly added goals focused on high clickthrough rate and engagement. Previously, journey goals were used to assess client behaviour like increased loyalty etc. Now, you can use new engagement metrics like having specific links or emails clicked, as an extra option in measuring customer journey success.

Firstly, this supports measuring business outcomes as engagement is a key indicator of campaign success. Secondly, it means you can define engagement goals for your customer journeys and use out-of-the-box data e.g., emails opened, to measure success.

Moments-based Interactions

Connect Customer Insights with your own Data Lake: Many customers store their Insights data in their personal Azure Data Lake Storage. However, in future you can use Azure Data Lake Storage data to personalise messages, specify conditions, and build segments, to build real-time journeys and maintain full control of the underlying data. Users will be able to target customers using real-time event-triggered journeys. This means personalising interaction and engagement with rich Customer Insights.

Craft emails faster with accurate drag-and-drop functionality: The revamped email editor will offer a totally new way to form engaging content with a productive workflow. It will feature easy select interaction, an in-context menu, and precise dragging and dropping.

Gain New Journey Actions by Raising Triggers from another journey or Power Automate flow: every business is unique, and yours is no exception. You might need to define custom processes to enhance your customer journeys. You will be able to do this easily by raising a custom event trigger in any point of the journey. Any journey or Power Automate flow connected to this event will be automatically triggered when a customer reaches it. This includes triggers used in goals, exit criteria, and if/then branches.


The new segmentation builder will allow users to create segments for contacts and leads. To ensure a return on investment, it is important to target the correct audience. Fortunately, the new segmentation builder shall streamline segment creation, regardless of logical complexity. It will allow you to build segments on leads, without requiring a parent contact. Afterwards, you can market to these leads directly with your customer journeys.

Turn Relationships into Revenue with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a software solution to any marketers need to automate time-consuming processes and unify customer information with personalised journeys. In fact, the popular B2B Directory, FinancesOnline, described it as “an all-encompassing marketing application that can help put an end to marketing’s perennial problems.”

In 2022, we’re living through the rise of digital transformation, and all businesses require digital marketing. To keep a competitive edge, adopting the latest software to optimise your marketing campaigns is critical. At ThinkShare, our team of Microsoft certified Dynamics experts can assist your transformation. We will support you at every stage of your journey, from adoption to implementation, and provide additional training. Ultimately, it’s our desire to see you thrive with the technology.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics Marketing here or book a call with one of our consultants for more information or a demonstration of its capabilities.