ThinkShare are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Orchestry, as we endeavour to make the technology our clients deploy, work smarter.

Orchestry was founded with the sole purpose to make work simple on Microsoft 365. Created by a team of Microsoft MVPs and experts, to enable the successful adoption of the entirety of the Microsoft 365 product suite including, Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Office 365, Microsoft One Note, etc.

The Orchestry platform takes the guesswork out of what to use and when, with easy-to-use pre-built Workspace Templates, intelligent Workspace Provisioning, an informative Workspace Directory, and a robust governance feature to enable both IT administrators and end-users throughout the organisation to work safely and securely.

More than just a templating and governance tool for Teams, the comprehensive Orchestry platform will enable us to support clients with governance in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft OneNote as well as other Microsoft 365 business applications through a single, unified interface.

Together we will work to deliver a simpler, more efficient style of working to maximise your investment in Microsoft 365.

Our team of Microsoft Certified Consultants have been continuously impressed with the passion Orchestry have shown for client success through digital transformation, as it is a passion, we very much share. We believe this partnership will enable us to deliver wins for our clients in:

  • Microsoft 365 Adoption
  • Microsoft 365 Governance
  • Microsoft 365 Provisioning

In partnership, ThinkShare and Orchestry will work together to help organizations drive enablement, adoption, and standardisation while bolstering the integrity and governance of Microsoft 365.

To understand how you could be maximising the ROI of your Microsoft 365 investment, book a call with one of our experts, or continue learning about the Orchestry platform and how it can improve adoption, governance, and provisioning within your business.