When lockdown was originally announced, people expected some delays and disruption to services, but six months on, some companies still haven’t created a communications continuity plan to ensure minimal disruption to their clients and prospects. If you are not sure how to provide the best experience for the people reaching out to your business, you are in the right place. Here are four reasons why your remote teams need Microsoft Teams plus Business Voice.

Cloud-based phone system with advanced features-

Our teams were forced to adapt to remote work, and as businesses, our focus was ensuring they had the right tools they needed to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. We provided laptops, new technologies for better collaboration, hosted our morning meetings on Microsoft Teams, but some of us forgot about a vital component of our office, the phone.

Microsoft Teams plus Business Voice, enables all licensed users to answer calls to the business and make calls from the same number, all from within the Teams app. It includes all of the features you would expect from an enterprise-grade telephony system, including call transfers, multi-level auto attendants, and call queues, meaning no prospect or client ever goes unanswered.

Built for Small to Medium Enterprises – 

Business Voice was built with small to medium enterprises in mind, so you receive enterprise-grade technology at a price that is right for your business. Including 1,200 domestic calling minutes, per user, per month in the UK.

The solution is powered by Microsoft’s cloud and has built-in redundancy and load balancing. It also comes with a 99% uptime guarantee, and several cloud-powered AI tools like voice mail transcription, inline chat transcription, and real-time captioning during meetings.

Dial-in audio conferencing for up to 250 people

By combining the power of Microsoft Teams with Business Voice you can host meetings with up to 250 dial-in attendees. Teams supports the same number of virtual attendees to a meeting but currently does not create a number that individuals can dial into if they are offline. Meaning remote field workers no longer need to miss out on vital company updates.

Call from Anywhere

With Business Voice plus Teams, remote workers can make and receive calls with the same number across any device. These calls can take place anywhere that has an internet connection, their home office, their local Starbucks wherever works best for them. They simply open the Microsoft Teams App either on their desktop, mobile device, tablet, browser, or desk phone to start engaging with your clients and your prospects.

If you are ready to provide your people with the tools they need to effectively serve your clients, call us today or find out more about the Microsoft Teams plus Business Voice here.