We recently created an article exploring the new possibilities for the Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform integration (you can read it here). Following on from a very busy Microsoft Ignite we thought it would be beneficial to do the same for the new and updated capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams. These latest updates make processes more collaborative and accessible for any user, in any function across your organisation.

For Sales:

Without sounding too much like Big Brother, sellers can now track career movements of contacts through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as well as connect sales records to Microsoft Teams without leaving Dynamics 365 Sales. There is support for legacy phone infrastructure that means organisations can use Teams to manage calls and access other functionality through a seamless, and easy-to-navigate interface directly from Dynamics 365.

For Marketing:

Your marketing team can now set up, promote and provide in-depth reporting for events hosted on Microsoft Teams directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing. This new integration empowers your marketers to better nurture attendee relationships during and after the event, across multiple channels. Vital for reducing attendee drop-off.

For Customer Service and Field Service:

With access to Microsoft Teams chat capabilities directly from Dynamics 365 Customer Service, your agents can easily find and collaborate with the right subject-matter expert directly from the flow of their work. This means a customer can come through the live web chat functionality to one of your reps, who then can navigate quickly and easily throughout the organisation to connect a customer with the right person, right away. This means you can resolve customer issues more efficiently and more effectively, providing a better overall experience to those whose patronage you wish to retain.

For Commerce:

For those in retail new task management functionality in Dynamics 365 Commerce allows your managers and workers to create task lists, manage assignment criteria and track the status of those tasks with native integrations that span Head Office, Retail Stores, and Microsoft Teams applications.

Human resources:

The long-awaited integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources will be available later this year directly within Microsoft Teams, giving employees quick access to self-service HR forms that can free up precious HR staff time. It gives a clean view of staff hours, sickness and allows managers to easily review and approve time-off requests with just a few clicks, without leaving Teams.

These easy-to-use integrations improve cross-company collaboration and help your people utilise technology to be more efficient at their jobs. If Dynamics 365 is something you are looking to implement in 2021, we can help. Contact a member of our team to discuss its potential for your business.