Our Dedicated Team

Our employees are th beating heart of our business and ensure we are able to provide the best service and products to our client.
We believe it is our responsibility to move them along their career journey to achieve whay they aspire to.

Advancing our employees careers and creating engaging experiences.

At ThinkShare we are passionate about creating an inspiring environment which allows our employees to thrive as well as supporting them to carry out their jobs in the environment which suits them best.

We live and breathe a full flexible working policy. From our graphics below you will see we have employees who are 100% remote, some who are part time while others do compressed hours.

Development and training are a key part of an employees role at ThinkShare. In an industry which is constantly moving and changing, we need to support our employees to develop their skills and knowledge. ThinkShare is only successful if our employees have the room to grow and develop.

Our Flexible Approach.

We are a flexible working organisation. We trust our employees to get their work done in an environment which best suits them. 30% of staff are entirely remote, while another 30% of employees are part time and 15% have compressed hours. An individual’s working pattern is discussed and arranged with their managers and reviewed at regular intervals to ensure it is still relevant for the individual. The office is always open so if an employee is feeling that they would like to come in, they are always welcome.

Office Based
Remote Work
Part Time
Compressed Hours

Our Diversity and Accessibility Approach.

ThinkShare is an accredited organisation of the Living Wage Foundation. We believe that all employees deserve a fair wage. Once an employee has reached a higher level of competency their salaries are reviewed. We monitor the industries of each employee’s specialism and increase their salary accordingly.

Since our inception, we have been passionate about tackling gender and diversity inequality in the technology sector. When we advertise opportunities that have been traditionally associated with one particular gender, we look to other relevant applicant streams which offer transferable skills and experiences but are not the traditional career journey.

Our flexible working policies allow us to appeal to a wide range of candidates, so we don’t miss out on the wealth of experience and knowledge of typically overlooked or under-represented communities.

living wage employer ThinkShare

Our Learning Journey Approach.

In order to support employees to rise to their career goals, we provide a training path to help them aspire to that role. We offer a wide range of training opportunities and courses which staff are encouraged to undertake with protected time set aside each week for this development.

Below shows an employees Learning Journey:

Our Values.

At ThinkShare, our values are at the core of how we act as a business. We are committed to being a trusted employer, providing an inspiring and engaging environment to help our employees flourish.


We are passionate about providing quality customer service


We speak simply and empower our clients and employees.


We never stand still; always striving to provide better solutions for clients


We believe in open conversations. considering the needs of each individual. We also respect our environment and limit our carbon footprint.

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